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10 inspirational ideas for amateur photographers

Truly mastering the camera can add a whole new dimension to photography. It means you can recreate the scene you see in front of you, like you see it, capture it, if you will. Often times photography is critically limited to to the amount of available light in a given scene and the dynamic range, a narrow range the camera is able to record between the brightest bright and the darkest dark, before the photo over-exposes or blacks out the data in that area. What that means is you cannot shoot when it is too dark our or too bright out. But when you utilize the tools available and understand how a camera works, its limitations if you will, you can learn to work around a camera's inherent limitations. If you just left it on auto and just took the camera out, you would only be able to capture about half the shots that a pro can capture knowing all the tricks in her bag. The pro has ND filters, flashes and fast lenses and knows when to use them.

1.On bright days put a Neutral Density Filter on your lens. This will increase your dynamic range and slow down your shutter.

2.Shoot at dawn.

3 Shoot at dusk.

4.Look for shadow to create composition.

5.Invest your money in fast lenses and worry less about the body of the camera.

6. Never shoot hand held with a shutter speed slower than 1/60.

7. Keep your ISO Auto but set the max range at 800.

8. Use a flash to fill in areas the foreground with light if the back ground is lighter than the foreground.

9.Remember that you are photographing light as it moves around form, not form itself.

10. Have two cameras with you. One with a telephoto lens and one with a wide angle lens.

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